Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Members, this information is designed to be printed out and given to the actors on their first day of rehearsal. The actors then have a chance to look over the release form and can ask questions about it at their first contact with the costume shop. Signed forms should be kept in a secure file in the costume shop.

About the Inside Leg database

Inside Leg is a new project designed to make the exchange of actor measurements easier and faster. It is a web database that allows costume shop managers to search for actors and print out their information instantly. Actors' measurements can also be updated easily, so that their measurements are kept current. If your measurements are in the database and you work with a theatre that is not a member, they can request membership at registration at

Privacy notice for Inside Leg

Your measurements will be filed in a web database to be viewed only by costume shop managers of accredited theatres and the web site's creators.* We do not include any sensitive identity-related information; your social security number, telephone number, address, birth date and email address are NOT contained in this database. The site is secure and not available to anyone without a registration and password. Your information will not be made public, sold or used in any way other than to supply theatre costume shops with your measurements. This is in fact no different than the current practice of exchanging actor information by telephone or fax.

If you agree to allow the addition of your measurements to the Inside Leg database (actor measurement database), please sign and date below. If you wish to not participate, or have already signed a release, notify the costume shop manager at this theatre.



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*TotalChoice Hosting is the web space provider. Their privacy notice is as follows: "TotalChoice Hosting has a policy to respect and protect the privacy of its customers and their information that is stored with TotalChoice Hosting. TotalChoice Hosting will only access and disclose information as necessary to comply with applicable laws and government requests, to provide the TotalChoice Hosting Services, to operate or maintain its systems or to protect itself or its customers." - Copyright 2004 - ERISANDE