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What is Inside Leg?
Please refer to the About Inside Leg page.

How can I help make this a better application?
The Basics: Start now! Enter the actors' measurements from your current show, and continue to update the database for each show. (Please remember to check the database before entering a new actor, to make sure they are not already in the database.) If you notice a discrepancy between what is listed on an actor's sheet and his/her current measurements, please make the changes for others by clicking the "update" button on that measurement sheet. Even if no measurements have changed, and you work with an actor, you can update the Show/Theatre/Date fields to confirm that their information is current. If every actor is updated regularly, this reference will be more helpful to all who use it.
Keep us Informed: If you find something on the site that is not working properly, let us know by reporting a problem.
Do you have ideas? Then drop your ideas into our suggestion box!

How do I get an actor's permission to enter their measurements?
Print out and make copies of the Privacy Notice page. This describes Inside Leg and its privacy policy. They can sign this release for your theatre to keep on file. Remember, since the releases have signatures, keep them in a secure place and if you need to discard a signed release form, please shred it first. We suggest keeping the release form for about eight years, after which you can discard it if the actor's sheet has been inactive.

Can non-Equity actors be in the database?
Yes. The measurement database is intended for all actors. In the future, we may also give university costume shops memberships, so they can add acting students.

Can actors view their own measurements?
No, actors cannot go online to view their own measurements. They can, however, request a printout from a costume shop manager, or ask to view their page online.

How do I sign up?
On the Home Page, click on "Register" and fill out your information. You will be contacted with a password and registration within a few days.

I forgot my password!
Let us know and we will email you a new password.

Something is not working as described. Whom do I contact?
Contact the Webmaster with your question. We will reply as soon as the problem can be researched.

How do I submit the information that I have entered?
When you have entered all your information, including the Show/Theatre/Date fields, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the "Submit" button. You can also submit the information by hitting the return key. If you accidentally hit return before you are finished, just go back and edit the actor's measurement sheet. (See FAQ: "How do I update an actor's measurements?")

Do I have to fill in every measurement on the sheet?
No. We have attempted to create a very complete list of measurements, so that there is a space for any measurement you have taken. (If a type of measurement is not listed, you can add it in the Notes section.) We only ask that you fill in all the measurements that you have taken for that particular show. Other measurements can be added at a later date with updates.

How do I enter a fractional measurement, say 5 1/4?
The database allows entries up to 2 decimal points, so you would enter "5 (decimal) 25". The database does not automatically add a decimal point, so be careful when entering fractional numbers or the database may record a 99.99 by mistake. If you tried to enter a number to 3 decimal points (say 6 5/8 as "6 (decimal) 625"), the database will cut off the last number.

What is the Notes section for?
The "Notes" section at the end of the measurement sheet is for adding information that is not listed elsewhere on the sheet. For example, this is where you can let others know of visible tattoos, relevant allergies, asymmetries, odd posture, foot problems, and so on. This is not intended as a place to make personal judgements about an actor's looks or personality, so keep it professional.

I am not sure what one of the measurements refers to. How can I find out?
Click on the "View Measurement Diagram" button on the measurement entry form to see a numbered diagram of the measurements listed.

Can I remove an actor from the database?
Yes; to completely remove an actor from the database, please contact the webmaster and request that he or she be removed.

How do I contact the person who entered the information on a specific measurement sheet?
Use the "contact email" information on that measurement sheet to directly contact the last shop manager to enter or modify the actor data.

How do I distinguish actors of the same name from one another?
If more than one "Jane Doe" appears after an actor search, look at each measurement sheet and compare the Show/Theatre/Date fields to their resume. It is unlikely that both actors of the same name appeared in the same play at the same theatre at the same time.

I'm not sure how to spell this actor's name, or whether he/she uses a shortened version of his/her first name. How do I find this actor?
Try typing the first few letters of their last name, and the search will give you some options. The fewer letters you include means the search will be less specific. That way, if a Jennifer is listed as a "Jen", she will still show up on the search.

What if an actor is known by two different names?
If you are entering an actor who goes by two different names, enter the full measurements under his/her most often used name. Then create a second sheet using his/her secondary name, and simply write see "(first name)".

How do I update an actor's measurements?
Search for and view the actor measurements you wish to update. Click the "Update this Actor" button at the top left of the form. This will bring up edit boxes on this actor's measurement sheet. Change only what you need to update, making sure to change the Date, Show and Theatre fields also. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

Can I easily send measurements to a non-member theatre?
Yes. Search for the actor's measurements you wish to send. On that actor's measurement sheet, click "email this actor sheet" at the top right of the table. This will bring up a page that asks for the recipient's address, subject line and personal message.

How do I get to the size charts?
The size charts can be accessed from the front page; you now do not need to be logged in to view this information.

How do I get to the Measurement Diagram?
Click "View Measurement Diagram" at the top of the Blank Measurement Sheet or any actor's measurement sheet. You do not need to be logged in to see the diagram. If the text on the graphic is too small to be readable on your screen, you can print it and it will be easier to read.

Why are some images in PDF (Adobe Reader) form?
We found that to we had to create a PDF document to assure that the graphics print out accurately (for instance, the ring sizer). You still need to check that when you print the PDF, you have scaling set to "none."

Are the measurements private and secure?
Yes, this site is secure, and only members (costume shop managers) will be able to view the actors' measurements. Please view our privacy notice. - Copyright 2004 - ERISANDE