About Inside Leg

Inside Leg was conceived to make the exchange of actor measurements between theatres easier and more efficient. With this site, costume shop managers can search for actor data, enter new actor information and update or modify existing information in seconds. The success of this tool will depend on the theatres who use it--the more it is used, the more useful it will become. For this reason, we offered the site free for the first year to allow development of the database. After January 2006 the site began charging a modest annual fee for memberships, though our educational memberships are free.

We value your input as members to improve this web site. Please let us know what we can do to make it work better, and if you have suggestions for added features we will do our best to implement them.

Though this is an independent project, Inside Leg was developed under the aegis of Indiana Repertory Theatre. Their input and advice was valuable during the development of the site.

Developmental Plan

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We would like to offer thanks to those who have inspired us and tested the web site, specifically the costume shop staff and other staff members at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. Thanks to Daniel Baker, Jane Robison, and Josh Friedman for your professional advice. Thanks also to David Breece for technical advice and testing. And most importantly, thanks go to those members who have supported the site by using it.

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